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Friends of Gravel Africa


Cycling Valhalla 

Because these types of trips are a unique experience with a lot of organization in the background, but also knowledge of the gravel world and the cycling world as a whole. And so we started the conversation with Henk, owner of the Mechanic. It's René's favorite bicycle shop and that's not just because of the bicycle brands he sells. Henk radiates cycling and the whole cycling world runs like a red thread through Henk's life. As a Driver, but especially as a Mechanic for cycling teams. Henk has traveled all over the world, including Asia, South America and Africa and has traveled in his blood. Henk was very enthusiastic about the ideas and immediately offered his business as a Clubhouse for the groups going to Africa to travel Africa with Gravel. But also on the mechanical level and technical advice will play a role. Think about preparing the bicycles that people want to take with them and preparing the bicycles for transport. And so the circle was complete, the team is complete, we were on our way.

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