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Tailor-made gravel trips

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At Gravel Africa we are committed to bringing you the best gravel bike experience Africa has to offer.

if none of our complete packages are for you, we are here to share our knowledge and experience to create the perfect gravel bike trip for you

If it is a special trip for you and your colleagues or if you want to take a bike ride and the family wants to join, everything is possible, if you are looking for something more personal, please contact us for an introduction

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All our trips revolve around small scale. It is not without reason that our group trips have a maximum number of participants of ten. It ensures great interaction and personal conversations. You really build a bond with each other. 

But of course it is also possible to travel with your own company. You then choose with whom you will embark on an unforgettable gravel adventure: how about your own family, group of friends or a friendly club of cycling buddies.    

Guide / Guidance

At Gravel Africa we work with experienced people. Our (Dutch-speaking) guides know the sometimes inhospitable area through which we cycle like the back of their hand. In addition, they have technical knowledge to adequately solve problems along the way. A flat tire, broken chain or rattling derailleur; Usually we can get back on the road in no time. And if it doesn't work out, we always have the support car. A reassuring thought.

For those who are very adventurous; The journey can of course also be made without a guide and/or escort car. We will then provide you with the route (GPX) and you will set off with your own group.       



With a tailor-made gravel trip, you decide where you spend the night: a comfortable lodge, cozy guesthouse, tent under the starry sky or a combination of different accommodations. 

Due to our good contacts and years of experience traveling in Africa, we can meet many requests. 
We are happy to think along with you to make your trip an unforgettable adventure. Whether you like back to basic  or enjoy luxury and comfort after a long day in the saddle... 

Expansion / extension

We are very proud of the program of our Cape Cross group tour. The landscape we cycle through is incredibly diverse, the destinations unique and the accommodations fully equipped. Moreover, at the end of the trip in Cape Town you will have the opportunity to experience some culture.

However, we can imagine that you would like to extend your stay in South Africa once the sporting adventure is over. How about an exciting safari in a wildlife park? In search of the Big Five! Or a visit to the Cape of Good Hope? Everything is possible!     


Enquire for more information

Would you like to receive more information about a trip and do you not want to make a booking right away? Fill in the request form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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