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Gravel Africa & Songo

At Jouw Afrika Reis and Gravel Africa we attach great importance to sustainability. In addition, we think it is important that the country we visit benefits from tourism. We do this, for example, by choosing small-scale accommodations on our trips, but also by supporting local projects. Initiatives that benefit the local population. Songo youth center is a wonderful example of this. At this location on the edge of a township in Stellenbosch, underprivileged children are given the opportunity to study and play sports (cycling). can be combined under the guidance of an enthusiastic team. This increases the chance that they will ultimately be able to escape poverty and they will be given tools to make something of their lives.

We have embraced Songo. A visit to the youth center with a tour by Sipho Madolo is even part of our Cape Cross gravel trip through South Africa. In this way we want to contribute to more brand awareness for this great initiative!  

Who and what is 

As you have read above, Songo is a youth center in Stellenbosch, located right next to a large township on the outskirts of the city. Sipho Madolo runs this location where about a hundred underprivileged young people from the neighborhood are helped with school activities. For example, a teacher is present at Songo to help the children with homework. In addition, they can use laptops and textbooks. 

In addition to learning, the children can enjoy sports: Songo has access to mountain bikes and cross bikes (BMX). This way the young people can even work on sporting ambitions. There is even a pump track constructed. A trainer teaches the children the intricacies of the sport and teaches them how to maintain the equipment properly. 

These skills form a good basis for the rest of life and increase the chance of a life without poverty. At Gravel Africa we hope to be able to contribute a little bit to this, for example by including the tour in our program and through our own casual clothing line. You can read more about that below.

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