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Social rides

Gravel Africa

We organize a Social Ride several times a year. us clubhouse Mechanic Zwolle is the starting and ending point for a new, challenging route every time. One time we look for the Veluwe, then again we cross Salland or the Vechtdal.


One thing is certain: our course builders always manage to surprise with undiscovered gravel gems in the region. From crackling shell paths to fast single tracks and from remote cart tracks  to farm roads.    

The atmosphere on such a day in the saddle is typical for Gravel Africa: the goal is not to get from A to B as quickly as possible. The social aspect is just as important to us. So enjoy good coffee, delicious apple pie and nice conversations along the way.Out together, home together So. And afterwards we rinse the dust from our lungs with a delicious cold drink and of course replenish the salt loss with something tasty. A nice chat about a nice day in the saddle. 

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