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Gravel Africa & Jouw Afrika Reis

 Tessa is the owner of Jouw Afrika Reis and Gravel Africa. Tessa is specialized in organizing exclusive tailor-made dream trips for Southern Africa. For years she has been organizing trips for people who want to make a unique trip in, among others, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa. Often these are self-drive trips with hotels and lodges along the way, but there are also many people with a 4X4 car with a tent on the roof going on a trip. All locations where Tessa lets people stay overnight are all locations she has personally visited and she works with regular partners because in Africa not everything always goes as you would wish. Tessa thinks that a trip organized by her is a 'once in a lifetime experience' By building a good relationship and keeping in touch with her partners in Southern Africa many problems are prevented and when something goes wrong it is quickly resolved because of the good contacts. As a European, you are far from home in a different culture, so it must be good for each other. The premise that your journey is a 'once in a lifetime' experience' is also the starting point for organizing bike trips. Especially these trips, where a lot of effort delivered must be in good order. Because after a cycling day you want good food, sleep in a good bed, and to start the next day with a tasty and hearty breakfast. After all, the necessary kilometers have to be covered but Tessa doesn't forget that enjoying the moment on the way  is very important.

Who and what is Gravel Afrika

Gravel Africa is a collaboration between a small-scale travel agency and Gravelbike guide Rae from South Africa and Harold & René two enthusiastic gravel riders from the Netherlands. How did this come about? Tessa from Jouw Afrika reis saw a movie by Rae on komoot Buy a Donkey and was so excited that she had make contact with Rea. Tessa is often in South Africa and because she married Jacques a South African it made everything easier. After a few conversations with Rae, it turned out that it clicked and Gravel Africa was born. The combination of Tessa with her experience in organizing dream trips in Southern Africa, and the experience of Rea, who is completely at home on the gravel roads of Southern Africa, Namibia and Lesotho, Gravel Africa guarantees a unique gravel experience

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Why travel in South Africa

A trip organized by Gravel Africa is absolutely not a standard bike trip. It's a gravel bike trip in a country and a culture that is really different from Europe. Gravel Africa takes you through several beautiful landscapes, also through pieces of untouched nature that you still find in Southern Africa. You pass beautiful villages and you meet the locals and of course you won't sleep every night in the same hotel. In short a really surprising experience. Gravel Africa has a number of ready-made trips on the shelf and these will be organized on fixed dates. These trips are suitable for different levels and because we drive with 2 guides, it is possible to split if there is too great a level difference. in the evening we will share the stories while enjoying a good glass of wine. The support car always stays behind the last cyclists and provides assistance when needed. Of course you have to prepare well for the trip, its no race, but they are tough routes on gravel roads with the necessary altimeters. With the right preparation it is great for the experienced cyclist. Gravel Africa will provide good guidance and advice in this regard. 

Tailor made Tours

Gravel Africa also organizes private trips. With the years of experience between Tessa and Rae you can make your dream bike trip come true. Do you want to go out with your own group, do you want go Bikepacking, or do you want shorter rides or just a bit more of a challenge? Almost everything is possible. For example, consider a combination of a bike trip and a visit to one or more wildlife parks. So if you have a wish or an idea, please inform us without obligation to the possibilities. Through social media and the newsletter, we also share different ideas.



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